Well, for one thing, I guess this isn’t baseball, it’s softball. And it’s seven innings of fun!… Maybe not… Dusty Diamond’s was released in 1990, it features five different places to play with a professional stadium if you select tournament. You get sixty players with their own ratings that you can’t see so play a few games of this to get an idea of who can do what. When you press start, you go to the character selection screen to pick your ten players; nine will get to play as the tenth player is a pinch hitter.


The gameplay is usual, but with the character and their separate abilities, it can confuse you playing. For example, Blinky and Froggy hop when they walk, and also, some players can fly. When I played this, I hit a long grounder that rolled all the way to right field and to a bench. The flying players could not go back down and walk past it, making it very possible for me to get an inside-the-park home run.

Pop Culture

The game has taken some references from 70’s and 80’s popular culture. There happens to be a player named Sid who supports the punk-rock Mohawk and Rocky, who really looks like Micheal Jackson to be honest (after he f’ed up with coloring his skin). It also predicted the video game future, there’s also a player named Diablo who looks like a mini-version of yours truly:

Another thing I suggest when you play this game is to change your pitchers every two innings, try Flip, Rocky or Mike if you want to get three or more. Be sure to put Diablo on your team, and have Froggy as a leadoff hitter. According to the FAQ here, there’s a story to the game and also when you finish the 5th game in the tournament, you play against a team of super chicks known as the Amazons. Augh, boy!

Be sure to not hit a window when you play in the school field.