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First for the NES and making it’s way to the Neo Geo, Baseball Stars had its fair share of good features when it came out in 1989. Like Baseball Simulator, it had season play with stats being kept, but unlike the previous mention and more like Super Baseball 2020, you could gain money to improve players (not during the game though). It was also one of the first baseball games or sports games for that matter to feature the number of folks in the crowd affect the sum of money you can win to get to further enhance your team. You are allowed a season up to 125 games as you play each team 25 times. The graphics are a little more ‘chunky’ as I like to say it compared to Baseball Simulator. When creating your team, you have to option to fire your players and buy free agents.

Baseball Stars, however, was more difficult in gameplay. I had my troubles and lost due to the mercy rule. Even Pat the NES Punk wasn’t so good at it.

For old-school baseball with some of the front-end features of today’s games, look no further than Baseball Stars, the first one! Never played the sequel, but I’ll take the word of Wikipedia that it is much worse. The franchise did make it to NEO GEO which featured better graphics. If you still have the Wii, you can get Baseball Stars 2 (The NEO GEO version) from the shop. Not sure about the Wii U, my old school gaming ass still hasn’t got it yet.