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Now, this is one of my personal favorites. It came to the Americans in March 1990, but it wasn’t until 1995 when I bought it at FuncoLand for five bucks. I loved it due to the idea that there was season stats and standings. This old junker has what us baseball stats dorks love. Not only that, but you had the option to play a 165-game season! Not to mention ratings!!! Also, create your own team! My 13-year-old nerdy self (who was trying to fit in to the grunge world) played this game to no end… or until I got sick of the ‘skip mode.’

God, that is annoying…

Baseball Simulator had 18 teams to boot, 12 regular teams and 6 Ultra teams. The Ultra teams had special power-up to enhance the team pitches can throw 155 mph, bomb balls, stopper balls and other goodies to piss off the batter. Batters could do the same with Meteor hit, Missile hit (easy home runs at the space stadium), Tremor hit, Freak hit and many more!

When I was playing for the first time, I played as an Ultra team and played against the normal teams and winning big. Truth be told, my nerdy-self grunge-wannabe was sucking at real-life baseball, so my weakass needed a little victory (boy, was I a sad little boy). Although the Ultra teams do have the power-ups, they had better ratings. This I noticed when I was looking to start a 165-games season during my time of being jobless at 25.

I played this on NESBox and played as a normal team going against a ultra team. Another thing to mention is that you have six ballparks to choose from. You can play in space!

One thing I have noticed, the Ultra team did not use all their points to their disposal, and plus the space ballpark is easy to hit. With that being said, my first game of this in over six years ended with a victory.

Rewind to 1995, I attempted a 165-game season with six Ultra teams. I remember there was my team, a team called the Grosse Pointe All-Stars (I was staying at my mom’s house in Grosse Pointe Park, MI) that complied with our own Sandlot crew (they bashed me a lot for playing badly). At around game 40 (I only lost two games), I saw something like this and remember, I made this:


Well, it didn’t say that exactly. But what creeped me out beyond seeing that my nearly flawless season going bye-bye is the idea that the music stopped and showed me the Black Screen of Death. Ugh!

bbsim02 bbsim04 bbsim03