Base Wars

According to the storyline and Wikipedia, this game is based in the 24th century. The club owners finally got fed up with the high-salary demands of players, so who are the replacements? Robots! (Something tells me we might be seeing this in the end of the 21st century. Base Wars has that futuristic element to it, something a lot of people don’t overlook but dorks like myself. The rules are just the same as regular baseball, only that one can fight his (or it’s) way to avoid an out. Therefore, you can fight your way to get a double. The combat mode makes this game stand out from the rest. But besides that, I didn’t find much fun in this game, and it wasn’t due to the fact that I got beat 7-0, it was pretty much the gameplay itself.

The auto-fielding confused me, the AI approaches the proximity off the ball and it stops for you to direct it under the ball, and sometimes, you don’t have much time to react. Yet, the arms of these robots are surely better than the best fielders in the MLB. You can easily get the runner to 1st out with a grounder heading to the outfield.

Like I said, I gave this game a try and I love the aspect of it, but the game play confused me. Perhaps I should play more of this? I lost 7-0 and the best I got was a double. I did better in this game than I have with trying to pick up cougars in an area nearby me called Harrison Township, MI, aka Boat Town.

For a more advanced version of this game, try Super Baseball 2020