Welcome to Retro Baseball Love, a WordPress powered website with a dedication to old-school baseball games starting from NES to PSX. At this moment, this site is under construction. I’ve been working on this site starting on 29th of October 2016 via my home server and now, on this very famed U.S. Election Day (ugh!), I decided that I’ll put it up regardless of what little content I have to show here. Yes, as of now, we have five NES games, two SNES games and one single Genesis game to show and perhaps releasing a website with a small amount of content isn’t a good idea, but I couldn’t wait. Besides, this has started before the Election, so I think no one will notice (unless the U.S. is on its way to be nuked, then I think no one and even I wouldn’t care to maintain this).

As time passes until the year-end, there will be more games being showcased on this site. Most of the articles will be written by me while a few will be done by special guests. I’m kind of a busy guy.