After being neglectful to this site, I decided to fix a couple pages and trying out the new way of Adsense. You won’t be seeing a bunch of Adsense ads, just one on the sidebar. I also fixed the Super Baseball 2020 and Extra Innings pages. They didn’t look good.… Read More

From early 2018 to around August, I left the internet. Took all my pages down too! Then in August, I decided to bring it back. Why? Need to show my experience in web development. I ran into a lot of 403 and 404’s bringing this back.… Read More

Welcome to Retro Baseball Love, a WordPress powered web site with dedication to old-school baseball games starting from NES to PSX. At this moment, this site is under construction. I’ve been working on this site starting on 29th of October 2016 via my home server and now, a day before the famed U.S. Election Day,… Read More